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Overseer Christopher T Cox III

Lead Pastor at Family Life Worship Center.

While in his youth Overseer Cox gave his life to the LORD and was baptized in 1989 at the young age of 10 under the tutelage of the late Archbishop Wilbert S. McKinley. In 1995 Overseer Cox’s parents (Bishop Christopher T. Cox II and Pastor Zulima Cox) were led by the LORD to build a ministry from the ground up. Rephidim Christian Center (now known as Family Life Worship Center) was birthed.

While observing his parents lead a flock, work steady jobs and still be parents to him and his siblings he began to understand the calling on his life and gifting God has anointed him with. At Family Life Overseer was cultivated, groomed and began to mature in the things of Christ. His leadership skills began to show forth while performing his responsibilities within the Youth Department (Tribe of Judah), Music Ministry and Media Ministry. 

As a peer leader within Tribe of Judah Overseer developed a love for young people.

Overseer loves to help young people understand their worth, their calling, and their anointing through his jovial, light-spirited and easy-going attitude. 

In 2004 Overseer married the love of his life, Claudine. This union has produced 3 beautiful children Gabriela, Christopher IV, and Cayden. In 2007 he and his wife Claudine were ordained to Elders and given the responsibility of Youth Pastors. In 2013 he was appointed Overseer at large in United Covenant Churches of Christ. There he served as the Spiritual Advisor for the National Youth Department UC3. 

On February 3, 2023 Overseer succeeded his Father and was installed as Lead Pastor of Family Life Worship Center. There he continues to labor in ministry alongside his wife continuing to help people grow. 

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